Our Mission

Why our eBooks are free

Trees are important to the survival of our planet, and we believe we should all do our part to save them from destruction. In the 21st Century, books can be produced and read in an electronic format, which means that producing them using paper has become unnecessary. eBooks are the future, and we also believe they should be free where possible.

What you can find here

eBooks and more

As well as eBooks on a huge number of subjects, you can download various tutorials for many different Internet Businesses and even ready made "Turnkey" websites.You can also find thousands of articles on a vast range of subjects for inclusion as copy in your websites. You are even allowed to sell most of the content here.

How to get your eBooks

Download them 24/7

Using the links in the Sidebar Menu at the right of this page, you will be presented with your selection of available downloads. Most downloads are in the .zip format, which will require you to unzip them onto your chosen device. If you do not have that facility already, WinZip is a good program (which you will need to purchase), or an excellent FREE program is Jzip, our favourite, available here.
All our downloads are checked for viruses and malware before inclusion on this site. However, in the unlikely event that your security software discovers any anomaly, please report it to us so that we can deal with the problem immediately.

Where's the catch?

There is none

We have been using, making, writing, selling eBooks and related material since 2003, and have now decided that someone should lead the way in giving this content away, so others can enjoy and make use of it - FREE of charge. All the material is supplied "as is" with no guarantees as to it fitness of purpose or merchantable quality. Having said that, we have used a large number of these items ourselves over the years, and have benefitted from their content and usefulness.
We are confident that you will find use for some of it, and it is our pleasure to supply it to you, completely FREE of charge.